Before the invention of Internet, whenever any person wanted to get an address or phone number for any business or person, he used to take the phone directory and look for the required information. Back then, “Googling” entailed of obtaining the appropriate category in the phone book and searching for the matches.


When was the last time you really had a look in the phone directory to get someone’s contact number or address? For people below 40, the Internet has already took the place of phone directory with people search. But, often the listings are not always updated or complete. Today, one of the leading online people directories— “WhitePages”, has added the flexibility of consumer-editing abilities to make its people database more exact.

People, business, Phone and Address are 4 options you can look for.

People: You can fetch a person’s contact information by entering some initial or surname, and city or zip code.

Business: Using this, you can quickly get details of your favorite business for contacting them.

Phone: This lets you check the number and know who called you.

Address: With this, it help you get to know your neighbors.

WhitePages Scraper:

How can your business get an extra boost for its offered products and services? Advertising over web is surely advantageous, but the best and most effective way to grab someone’s attention and make them feel that they are valued by a business is to contact them through email or phone. For quickly identifying and reaching out your existing and potential customers you can indeed take benefit of WhitePages Scraper. WhitePages Scraper assists in achieving spectacular results. WhitePages Scraper is an online software that surfs all the webpages present in the WhitePages website and will give you all the necessary details of businesses.


Let’s assume, for instance, you have to collect the information related to all the cafes and restaurants that are present in any particular zip code entered or any location say CA (USA). What will you do? Do you think you can manually browse all the pages and pen down the ones according to your need? Obviously, NO!!! So, what can be done? Rather than adding extra burden to your tiring working day, you rely on “WhitePages Scraper” for scraping down the data and the essential information scraped from the website will be automatically saved without any work from your side except SOME clicks. This incredible scraper can save your lots of efforts and an infinite string of surfing hours!

Features of WhitePages Scraper:

  • Browse and scrape all the Categories and Sub- categories of WhitePages site
  • Search and scrape the data according to the entered Initial, Surname, and Location
  • Keyword Search
  • Extract data from all Cities and states within Australia
  • Extract only unique data. No duplicacy.
  • Auto-Update feature.
  • Compatible with Microsoft XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • No worry of manual error
  • Exports the extracted data into Microsoft Excel (CSV)
  • Very easy to use. User-friendly interface.
  • Customization
  • Data Collection Services
  • Multiple Proxy Support
  • Support for OS like Linux/Mac

Following is the description of each column in sample data:

Name, Phone No, Street Address, City, State, Zip Code.

How WhitePages Scraper Work?

Scraping Choices:

There are 2 scraping choices you can choose from:

By Name:1.1

In this, you have to give surname (mandatory), initial and location.1.2

After the successful scraping from the WhitePages as per your written input, output will come with necessary details.1.3

By File:

By this option, you have the flexibility of uploading a text file with the initials or surnames you want to scrape.by file

You can upload the list of locations as well.

Proxy Option:

Proxy can be set by 2 options-

Use Proxy Rack:3

You have to manually add one proxy, port, username and password.


Use File Data:

You can upload the list of different proxies to be used while scraping the data. With this option, you don’t have to again and again change the proxies.4

Once selecting the options, click on Start to begin the scraping process.5

The results are shown in the box and is saved automatically in the respective folder.output

These data can be used smartly by the businesses for reaching out to their customers and expand their business to the next big level. WhitePages website store vast amount of data related to the customers that may be interested in your brand or its offered products and services. The data extracted by the “WhitePages Scraper” can be integrated with other beneficial business information to make use at some of the meaningful results. The data scraping process using the automated tools is quick, effective and very reliable within few clicks and minutes.