Botguruz has given a great concept of Scraping. It is providing you the platform to scrape data from the web with its Web Scraper solutions. So let’s just peep into the quick review of the definition of Web Scraping. Well, it is the technique of using bots to extract a large amount of data from a website which is saved to a database in the spreadsheet format.

You might have heard about screen scraping, it is used to copy only the pixels displayed on the screen whereas web scraping extracts the underlying HTML code and with that the data is stored in the database. Then the scraper is able to replicate the entire content of the website, elsewhere.    

This technique of Web Scraping is used by variety of digital businesses which have confidence on data harvesting. Some of the popular cases include:

  • By the market research companies which use scrapers to pull data from the social media and forums.
  • By the search engine bots to analyze site content and then rank it.
  • By the price comparison sites to auto fetch product descriptions and prices.

Web Scraping Tools

Web Scraping Tools

Web Scraping tools are the software (that is, bots)  which are programmed to sift through the databases and extract information. A variety of bot types are used which are fully customizable to the following:

  • Store scraped data.
  • Extract data from Application Programming Interface i.e APIs.
  • Extract and transform the content.
  • To recognize the unique HTML site structure.

As we all know that all the scraping bots have the same purpose that is to access site data. So it may be difficult to differentiate between the legitimate and malicious bots.

So to give you a clear view on the same let’s have an individual look on them.


  • Legitimate Bots


They are identified with the organization for which they are scraping . It also abide site’s robot.txt file which lists the pages of bot which is permitted to access and which is not.


  • Malicious bots

The malicious scrapers crawl the sites which the site operator has allowed. It impeTYrsonates the legitimate traffic by creating false HTTP user agents.

A perpetrator can adopt the strategy to use botnet, the geographically dispersed computers which are controlled from a central location. The thing which is interesting to know is that the individual botnet computer’s owner are unaware of their participation. This enables large scale scraping due to the combined power of the infected systems.  


So let us discuss when Web Scraping is considered as malicious.


When the data is being extracted without the permission of the website owner then it is considered as malicious. The two common cases are content theft and price scraping, as I had already mentioned in the above paragraph.


Content scraping

This scraping is comprised of large-scale theft of content from any site. It targets the website relying on digital content to drive business.


Price Scraping

In this type of scraping, a perpetrator typically makes use of botnet to inspect the database of the competing business.


Over to you

In my wrapping words, I would like to say that be a smart user of Web Scraping technique. A little mistake can be devastating for you as well as for your enterprise. BotGuruz offers you the perfect solutions for your business purpose.

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