Scraping data from social media platform is completely a new concept. This is because every company is using social media platform for their brand promotion. Nowadays every company is interested in UGC (User Generated Content) which they get on social media by their brand followers. Like product service review, complaint, feedback, brand analysis, knowing about competitors, and much more.

This all data is important for the company to take their further step in business. But getting all these data from social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter are a tough task. You can’t get these data manually.

But BotGuruz is here to help you. We take care of your data which is required for your marketing growth. Using our crawler you can extract data through social media platform according to your need. Popular social network sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn allow scraper to extract data only through their own API( Application Programming Interface), to control the information about their users and their activity.

But BotGuruz will break their restriction and hit their server to bring all information which you need to know about your customer activity.

BotGuruz Social Media Scraping Expert

At BotGuruz, we develop a scraper tool which crawls data from the social media in real time. We drive the data from a different source like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Our Scraper tool scrapes data on the basis of keywords, categories, geographies, or you can combine all to extract data from a social media platform. Our expert also takes care of a situation like multiple languages as well as tweets on the Twitter.

Data Scraper

Your all extracted data will be stored on a sheet in an arranged manner so that you can easily revise the data when you need it.

Can all the Social network Sites be Scraped?

BotGuruz has developed scraper for the social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Using BotGuruz scraper you can easily scrape data according to your business.Data drive from this social network are more valuable. Because these data are important to get the proper insight of your business.

Here are the three Data Scraper for three social media platform

LinkedIn data Extractor

LinkedIn is known for it professional network. This is the platform where your business meets business leaders. Where the people log in for their career change. You get new purchaser and building your new skill. LinkedIn data is important to make a crucial decision in your business.

Our LinkedIn Scraper will extract different which is important for your business. You can extract data from the LinkedIn group, Your Connection and much more.

Facebook Data Extractor

Facebook is one of the great innovation in the field of social media network. This giant social media network provides you platform to showcase your business in front of a larger audience. Getting data from this platform is one of the greatest success factors for your business.

BotGuruz helps you to extract accurate data through Facebook. Which can be easily integrated into your business. And also help you to make a strong marketing strategy for your business.

Twitter Scraper

Using Twitter Scraper you can easily extract data of your follower and people who follow your follower. These data very import to understand the Twitter marketing. Once you scrap all the data from the Twitter. It will get a store in MySQL info.


BotGuruz Scraper helps you to scrape all data according to your need and save it into your database. This technology gives you power to solve the problem your customer in a real time. And help you to make your business successful and trustworthy.