A tool for scraping hotels listing and customers’ reviews information from top 5 hotel booking website— Booking.com, Hotels.com, TripAdvisor.com, Expedia.com and Wayn.com

Hotels Reviews Scraper tools– “One Platform” let you scrape the list of hotels information along with their customer reviews from online hotels directory or booking site. A fully customized solution suiting with your hotels and booking business requirements.

One Platform Features:

One Platform is a hotel review scraper which lets you explore & discover whole hotels listing along with the ratings and reviews given by their customers. Looking for the reviews and ratings for the hotels of a particular location in different hotel booking sites may look like a daunting & which is actually very tedious.one platform

  • Search hotel reviews and ratings by locations.
  • Scrape data fields like— Campaign, Hotel Name, Date, Review, Rating, Site Name, User name, and Hotel URL.
  •  Extract data can be saved automatically in different forms like Excel spreadsheets, CSV files, etc.
  • No tension of IP Block as there is a multiple proxy features. Scrape the data anonymously, and that too without getting blocked.
  • Set the custom delay between scraping requests.
  • Automatically eliminate the duplicate hotel listings.
  • Very handy, convenient for price comparison service for hotels, hotels booking business, and using data for lead generation.
  • Easy to use tool.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Requires least user inputs, and it scrapes data within minutes.
  • Compatible with Microsoft XP/Vista/Windows 7/8

This great hotels review and rating scraping tool is widely utilized by several business professionals and experts who want to collect data related to hotel services. one-star-rating

The scraped data can be further used for generating leads for hotel businesses and others.

Helpful for hotels booking and price comparison service

As the name indicates, it is a platform where you can extract hotel’s reviews and ratings from different leading hotel booking websites. All you need is a few clicks and sit back & relax, as the scraper tool does the rest of your job, letting you free from doing any manual copy-paste job. This tool can be used by several hotel management team and experts to retrieve the data about numerous hotel groups within a specific location. People who want to know about any hotel before they book it may also make use of this data scraping tool.google-places-reviews

The software works in a completely-user friendly manner and any user using it can easily retrieve review, rating, location and other related information of the hotel in just a few clicks.

This tool can also help people to know about the popularity of hotels across different platforms. Even businesses who partners with hotels can make use of One Platform to know what people are speaking about hotels present in any particular location.

Thus, data scraped using One Platform can be further used by different business applications and functions.op_logoGet the precise data related to hotels quickly

If you want to know what people are saying about a hotel, how the hotel reputation is, their offered services, etc. in a particular location, you can use One Platform tool. The data can be easily fetched from leading hotel booking websites and saved as per the need of the user.

You can schedule the time when to start the scraping process and when to stop. Once the process is completed, it will send a brief about the complete process like— start time, end time and total number of reviews and ratings scraped.

Scrape data from top-rated hotel websites with One Platform

The interface of “One Platform” hotel scraper is very simple and clean. There are 5 tabs with different options.

1. Create Campaign


As per you requirement, you can create campaign with following options. Enter the campaign name you want and the list of locations from where you want to scrape the hotel’s review and rating. If you want to schedule the scraping process, you can choose the time accordingly. 6It is also possible to scrape the hotel review and rating of/between any particular date. 7And, if you don’t have any specific dates skip the option (tick the box).8Choose the options from the sites you want to scrape the reviews and ratings.9For TripAdvisor, there are some additional options-10.1


11After selecting the necessary options, new campaign will be added successfully.11.1You can also update or delete the existing campaigns. 11.2

2. Start Campaign

Once you create or update the campaign, now its time to start the campaign. You can also limit the proxy use per campaign. 12

3. Review

Under Review tab, the scraped details can be filtered using different options.
13All the scraped data will be displayed.14For seeing the scraped details of hotels from any particular hotel booking site, choose the preferred site from Scraper Option.15


For TripAdvisor, the scraped data look like below:17.1


Data can be exported to a file with Export tab.18

4. Proxy and Mandrill Setting4

The file with proxies can be uploaded.

5. Export to Database5