Web extraction or web scraping is a technology which is a commonly used by startups, big and small companies. If I have to define its importance then I would like to say, it is an automation technique to extract the unorganized web data into the manageable format. It is just a process of collecting information automatically from the World Wide Web.

The initial stage of any selling process is popularly known as “lead generation”. There are different lead generation techniques which are being used by companies around the world. With web scraping, you can easily get access to multiple relevant and highly customized leads.


The actual process of web scraping involves creating scraping scripts or algorithms which crawl the web for information based on certain present parameters.

Lead generation, being one of the most important processes for any business need to be handled strategically. Companies spend large amounts of their resources acquiring viable leads they can sell to. Here are some of the web scraping tool which can be used to lead generation.

  •  Web site download software- It is used to copy entire websites to local storage. All the website pages can be easily downloaded with the software. The stored pages can then be viewed for other information.
  •  Web scraper- Tools that crawl through bulk information on the internet extracting specific and relevant data using a set of pre-defined parameters.
  •  Data grabber- Sifts through websites and databases fast and extract all the information from the internet and store.
  •  Text extractor- It can be used to scrape multiple websites or locations.

There are certain step-wise methods which can let you generate sales lead.

Step 1: Define your customer as Data

The very first thing that you need to do is decide what makes a good customer for you. Prepare the list of what quantitive things can you say about your ideal customer.


As an example:

1: What is their turnover?

2: How many employees do they have?

3: How established are they?

Step 2: Generate a big list of potential customers

Start filling your lead generation funnels with as many businesses that match your sector of business.

Step 3: Qualify your leads

You would definitely want to contact those companies that will be quality leads. And it is always a good idea to find some background data of companies where you at, things like how long they have been in business.

Step 4: Hone your pitch

Once you have managed the list of qualify leads, you need to hone your sales pitch. People will be more likely to respond positively to your pitch if you know little about them also. You should also ideally be monitoring news and industry websites for mentions of your prospects.

Step 5: Make the Approach

Once you have done with all the steps mentioned before, you can start making the approach to people and generate sales lead.


We have discussed all the possible ways to generate sales lead from web scraping. This procedure of mining or scraping the internet to get information has gone viral and helped thousands of businesses in every area.

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