You guys must be aware of the word “piracy”. The digitalized word is also in the zone of piracy now. Business has always termed with experts for analyzing the market, process, and industry trends to keep their graph rising up but scraping can steal their all hidden data.

We have heard term “Web Scraping” but do you know the exact meaning of this term and why should any businesses care for it? It is an act of taking content from a website with the intent of using it for other business purposes and that can give you the idea to build your own business website.




Business intelligence from web scraping is known as a game changer for companies because of their power to supply relevant and important data with minimal effort. Web scraping rides a fine line between collecting information and using it for the own purpose that assists you business proceedings. Here are some of the ways through which you can detect weak strain on your business.

1: Analysis your Competitor Activity

To lead your business, you always need to keep a close watch on other’s activity. Competitor analysis plays an important role in business and it owes to web scraping. With crawling any social media sites where you generally target your audience, you can easily find your competitor is leveraging with something you have overlooked before.

By analyzing your competitor activity, you can manage to keep their update and be prepared for their next strategic move. With web scraping, you can make the comparison between their business and yours hence, you will be able to detect the weak spot in your business.



2: Brand Auditing on Social Media

You have to audit your product regularly to improve the brand recognition. Social media has provided the platform and helped many businesses to monitor their brand. The customer can interact on a single platform and the data available about a particular brand is visible for everybody. By analyzing the post that has mentioned your brand on social media sites, you can determine on which part your company is doing well and collecting good reviews.

Social media scraping solutions are provided by many top leading companies which can help you to monitor your product and brand through your social media account.


3: Finding Useful Opportunities

If your company is lacking with the recent progress, you need to overview your task and work. One of the possible reason may be because your company is not grabbing the useful opportunities. Finding many opportunities with web scraping is the best solution for any business. Your company can leverage your reach and progress too. Targeting the right audience can be useful for the starts up and maintain the reach to targeted customer is important for experienced businesses. By using web crawling, you can find your mentioned keywords that have been used by another person.

There are so many opportunities with which you can easily update on your niche by web scraping.


4: Improve your SEO Ranking

If you are leading with others company then that’s superb but if you are not focused on increasing your SEO reach then that’s embarrassing. Reduce that weak strain of your business by keeping updates with a competitive website who deals with relevant product. Web scraping can extract all the information and can give you idea about on-paging SEO activities.



Web scraping is only the solution to improve your brand awareness and detect your weak strain of business. An automation tool which can help you to extract data, images and robust your business is “Botguruz”. This is really helpful to scrape any resources and lead your business by detecting your weak spot.

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