Are you aware of the term “web scraping”? Wondering how can it help your businesses?

With every year passing by the online business and marketing scenario seems to intensify at a larger rate. And as the competence of the marketing world grows, organizations go out looking for newer and advanced techniques to strengthen their strategies maintain relevancy. One such way that has proven to be effective in these circumstances is web scraping. This term commonly refers to extraction of web-based data either manually or with the help of some automation software.

A Simplified Illustration About Web Scraping:

So by now most of you are eager to know what this web scraping actually is? Well then let me just give you a brief description of that.

Web scraping is nothing but simple implementation of data mining techniques to discover and pull out particular information from various websites.

The internet is tremendously large lagoon of information, and extracting data or information other than the internet means referring to any individual (or a group of people) and research through books or documentations. But humanity has long bid bye to all such rigorous methods. For now, all we do is simply open a tab of our web browser and search the internet for information.

There are a variety of contents which one can avail via web scraping;

  • Web Content- The content extracted from web pages and various documents from present available on the internet.
  • Web Usage- The information available from browser activities and server logs.
  • Web Structure: The information extracted from the interconnecting links between people pages and other data.

Thus through web scraping, all these data can be harvested and the unorganized data can be successively transformed into an arranged, manageable format.

3 Ways Web Scraping Can Surprisingly Benefit Your Businesses:

Scrape Data related to product and price from comparison sites:

You must have come across several websites which present hefty comparisons among various products. Ever through how they get all that data? Simple through the usage of site-specific scraping those websites gather the information from various store websites and then compile it together under a single hood.

Scrape Data related to product and price from comparison sites

It has been proved that through proper price optimization, one can improve the margins of their gross profits by almost 15%. So in order to optimize the product price in an exact manner and come up with competitive rates scrap the details from such sites offering comparisons. This can definitely turn out to be an important aspect of E-commerce website.

Tracking The Online Presence:

As far as online marketing is concerned this certainly adds up as a crucial aspect. As web scraping can also let you scrap data related to your business profiles and websites. Which can be further utilized to measure your product performance and judge the behavior of reaction of the audience and customers towards your products and services. Via web scraping we can analyze over thousands of web profiles and come across useful reviews.

Tracking The Online Presence

Perform SEO Tracking Using Search Engine Results:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about how many times is your product or website being searched and which page does it appear when something relevant is being searched on Google. Thus it’s all about keywords and their optimum usage. Using web scraping technique one can easily scrap through organic search results chalk out the primitive keywords your competitors have been using.

Perform SEO Tracking Using Search Engine Results

Once you completely get your hands on data showcasing the keywords that drive immense website traffic, the content categories and the attractive links that are being provided within those contents. You will be able to formulate your own unique strategy to uplift your website rank.


Thus in this post, you got an illustrative idea about web scraping. Furthermore, we also discussed certain ways in which web scrapping can benefit your businesses. So if this post seen beneficial to you do share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section.