Backpage is a classified ad site where you can post your business ads and get more customers for your product or service. It is a platform which is suitable for marketing of your product and generates huge sales. Due to Backpage website, all businesses can publish their ads in one platform easily. You will get huge profit if you provide your ads on this site because this site is working in the worldwide and it helps your ad to get viewed by every people living in any place of the world. From this, you must be aware that you will get various kinds of information related to businesses from this site. To help you in order to collect all those information without wasting any time “Backpage Scraper” has been introduced by “Botguruz”.

Backpage scraper is created based on the web scraping technology, incorporating .Net technology and multithreading operation by skilled developers and designers. It assists you to scrape all kind of details from Backpage website. After extracting the pertinent data from the website you can make a plan for introducing your product in the market so that it will generate more revenues and helps to achieve business leads.

Check Out the Process Below:

1] Features of automation tool:



Backpage scraper is also known as the best automation software to crawl the data from Backpage website. The software provides you with various features like Campaign manager, Backpage Scraper, Scrape Data, Proxy Setting, and Accounts.

2] Account:



You need to upload account from which you will carry out all the tasks. It also helps you to identify invalid accounts on your list if you are uploading multiple accounts.

3] Create Campaigns:



You can create your own campaign with the help of this tool. You need to give a campaign name and select the locations and categories you required.

4] Backpage Scraper:



You can finally scrape all the data from the Backpage site by using two options: Crawl using URL and crawl using saved campaigns. One more advantage is that you can scrape using single URL or using multiple URL. In this, you can use proxies as you need like private or public and start the process.

5] Get Data:



All the data get saved in the excel sheet automatically with details like business name, post ID, time, location and website URL.

As this is the era of advanced technology and tools, so most of the business proprietors use different technique to get profit and make their marketing strategies pertinent. You can keep an eye on your competitors’ performance also with the use of this web scraping technology. The Backpage scraper is an efficient enough to achieve it. It is important to learn the different advantages and uses of web scraping tools to get excellent results for your business.