Botguruz is associated with Web Automation, Crawlers, Spiders, etc. It is also used to maintain world class web bots which can also automate everything that a normal web browser can.
You are also able to make custom search engine solutions. Let’s move on to the services. Following are services you are provided with.




• Data Integration

Data Integration

So before starting let’s know what Data Integration is. It is the combination of both business and technical processes which is used to combine data from the source to the valuable destination information. It is also important for the coalescing system of two companies. This can provide unified company’s data.

So let’s see what the areas of Data Integration are.

It is the term which had covered distinct sub-areas. They are:
1. Data Migration
2. Data Warehouse
3. Master data Management
4. Information integration or Enterprise application

For Business Intelligence, nearly all enterprise data and data warehouse have time dimension. For example, you can consider phone calls, product, sales, etc. based on historical data we can aim to predict future outcomes or trends.

• Automate your web uploads and downloads

Automate your web uploads and downloads

This is one of the best features. You are able to automate uploads and downloads. As I mentioned above that you are able to download the information and can use the same to upload at other places. A marketer just has to choose the category and the website and when you are equipped with all the information it will automate the process and hence can save your precious time without bothering marketers.

• Extract any kind of Data

 Extract any kind of Data

The other feature is about scraping. You are allowed to extract any kind of data as per your demand. This can help you in targeting your customers and can lead you profits. You are also able to keep your scraped data safe and secured. For this, you can go for the option for Robust Browser Automation. This is the software which can run in any browser and is able to scrape data and secure the same for a long time without hampering the extracted data. Sometimes the scraped data get thrashed and all your efforts go in vain. So, if you want your data to be secured then for sure go for this option.

As I mentioned above about the custom search engine solutions. Then let’s first understand what Custom search is and how it is different from Google site search?

Google custom search help the visitors to find the information which they are looking for and also include a search engine for your site. We all know that the Custom Search is associated with the Google’s core search, this gives the confirmation that your viewers are getting high quality and relevant results. So what are the basic difference between a Custom search and Google Site Search? Let’s see through a table research.

Research Table

Google Site Search Custom Search
Search Option
Search the entire web No    Yes
On demand indexing 500+ URLs. It depend on account type.   Up to 200 URLs.
Image search only Yes    No
Look and Feel
Option to remove ads Yes    No
Access to XML API for results Yes    No
Make money with AdSense Yes    Yes
Option to remove Google Branding Yes    No
Share query quotas with business group Yes    No
Transfer ownership Yes    No
Technical support
Email support Yes    No
Access to support forum Yes    Yes

So these were the areas where Custom search is different from Google Site Search. And you are able to get the solutions for the custom search engines.


These are services which you are able to avail in Botguruz for your business. So I would suggest you go for the option of Botguruz and feel the difference in your growth. Hope you will find the change by availing these services.
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