Web Scraping is the term which is commonly known as screen scraping or web data extraction or web harvesting. This is the term which in demand in today’s era, this technology is appreciated by the startups, big and small companies. In simple terms, we can say that it is the process of extracting the unorganized data and placing it in a manageable format. The place where data is extracted and placed in the local file of your system.

We can say in technical language that the process of collecting information automatically from the www that is World Wide Web. Web Scraper can build the sitemaps that can navigate sites and extract the desired data. It can also extract different types of required data such as images, links, text, tables and more.

Below mentioned are the different ways Businesses can use Web Scraping.

1. Scrape products and  price for comparison sites


Scrape products and price for comparison sites


What is the need of getting advanced when that advancement is of no use to day to day happenings, right?  Make use of web scraping to crawl and compare the product description, images and get data for affiliation and analytics or comparison. This can also be beneficial for the price optimization techniques and improve your gross margins by 10%. We all know that selling products in competitive rate is a crucial aspect for E-commerce.

Also, you are able to crawl the web for travel companies, E-commerce companies. You can create your custom agent for scraping and extract the product images, feeds, price and all other related details.

2. Track the online presence


Track the online presence


This too is an important aspect of scraping where you are able to scrape business reviews and profiles. Web scraping can also be used to observe the performance of any products, user’s behavior and reaction. It can list as well as check thousands of users profiles and reviews and this seriously is an important asset to analysis your business growth.

3. Observe your Online Reputation

 Observe your Online Reputation


In this digital world, every company is concerned about managing their online reputation. As this is the only place where they can gain and loss profit. Thus, this can also be the place where Web Scraping can play it role. When you are planning your Online Reputation Management strategy, here your scraped data can help you to judge which audiences are an asset for your business also what are the areas where your brand need upliftment to fulfill the customer’s demands.

Here Web crawler can rebel you the opinion of trending topics, leaders, demographic facts such as gender, age, GEO location and can sentiment in form of text. Once you are able to judge these areas of vulnerability you can exhale with a great advantage.     

4. Detect the fraud reviews

Detect the fraud reviews


As most of us have the habit of judging anything online by reading the reviews and opinions. Thus it becomes the great issue of concern for businesses to judge the spammy and fraud reviews. As this is the illegal activity to mention anything fake online also it has an adverse effect on the business reputation. This act of mentioning fraud opinions results in misleading readers.

Thus you can opt for Web Scraping which will help you to crawl and detect the fake reviews and can block them.     

5. Make Better SEO Strategies

Make Better SEO Strategies

Web scraping is an organic search result where you can easily figure out your SEO competitors. Also, you are able to find out the keywords and title tags which they are targeting. Thus this can give you the idea to make the judgement regarding the keywords which can drive a huge traffic to your website, figure out which category of the content are attracting links and what type of resources can give a good ranking to your website.   

6. Scrape leads

Scrape leads

Scraping leads is another most important use of the web scraping technique. It is the technique where lead generation in created. As we all are familiar that sales teams always demand data and this can be fulfilled with the scraping technique. You are able to scrape leads from different directories and then make contact with them and your sales introduction.

Data can be extracted in any desired format and then can be used to generate leads, brand building and much more.   

Over to you

These were some of the different ways of Web Scraping which businesses can use to get the desired result.

Hope this blog post was successful in providing you the extra information about the ways to use Web Scraping techniques.

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