Initially, when an entrepreneur starts their business they need at least few accurate lead so that they can target those audiences and turn them into a customer. So how will you get those leads? Are you going to visit door-to-door and collect leads? Do you have so much time to waste just to collect leads and target for your business?

What if we give a smart tool to you with which you can scrap all the details of customer for a particular business that too from a reputed and successful brand. Yes, you read right, actually, we have a smarter software called Botguruz which can scrap all the details from any web page to help marketers.

automate scraping process with Botguruz

Though you can find multiple software which offers to scrape details but most of them are not accurate and relevant for marketers. In fact, it leads to wastage of time as well as money as marketer’s targets wrong audiences with irrelevant details. But this software crawls all the data which are related to marketer’s product and especially the active customers which make the targeting process effective.

There are tons of reasons to choose only Botguruz which we will discuss further on this blog, but for now just to brief you about this software, this is the fastest, secured and exact scraper among all scraper which is more a sufficient reason for all marketers to use this software only. But, still, we want to let you know more features of our scraping tool which will force you to go with this.

1.     Robust browser automation:

keep your scraped data safe and secured

This software is very strong that it can run in any browser and the scraped data which can be maintained securely for a long time without hampering the data. Like, most of the time, marketer successfully scrap data but after some day those data get thrashed and marketers all efforts goes in vain.

2.     Automate web upload/download:

One of the best features of this software is, it’ll automate your web uploading and downloading process without bothering much to marketers. Simply a marketer needs to choose the category and website of the brand after getting all the requirements it will automatically download the information and save it in a file so that later it can be used by marketers.

3.     Extract any kind of data:

Another awesome feature of this scraper is, it’s not restricted to any kind of data that means a marketer can scrap any kind of data as per the requirement. Since every category of marketer are trying their luck in online marketing so you can scrap details of any business and target their customer to gain profit.

4.    Integrate business data:

Integrate business data


After scraping all the details this software will organize all the data systematically. Most of the software just scrap details without organizing in a proper format due to which marketers face difficulties while targeting customers. But those marketers are lucky who uses this software as it makes easier to target customers by arranging your scraped data in synchronized manner.

5.     Record repetitious work:

The software is able to capture all the repetitive work and auto-download those data from the relevant web pages. Every time a marketer doesn’t need to give details to this software to scrap, after scraping 2-3 times for the same type of business it will automatically scrap those pages details and save in a file.


Final Thought:

As marketers are completely depending upon scraping software to get leads to we suggest them to use quality of scraper tool which will save your time by fastening the scraping process as well as get the accurate details. If marketers target the exact audiences then only it will amplify their profit level.