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How Job Scraper Tool Help Job Board Website in Increasing their Revenue?

Job board website plays a vital role for both provider and job seeker. This is an ideal place for people to meet right job for their career. Employers post information about a different job opening in their companies, and job seekers respond to those jobs with their profile and resumes. This process gets carried until job provider doesn’t get right people for their job and then the deal is closed. For the job board website, owner revenue can be generated through many resources. But as an owner of a job board website if you are looking to multiply your...

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Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Your Business

Artificial Intelligence is one of the greatest inventions of Science and Technology. It make our life more comfortable and remove the burden of work. Artificial Intelligence algorithm is designed to learn new things automatically. You don’t have to rewrite the code for some specific task. They can satisfy your customer, Keep the records of all data which is not possible with any other technology. This all can be possible with the help of Artificial Intelligence. The potential of Artificial Intelligence is so high that it is predicted that in the coming year every business will adopt the technology and...

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Social Media Scraping Services for Brand Monitoring

Scraping data from social media platform is completely a new concept. This is because every company is using social media platform for their brand promotion. Nowadays every company is interested in UGC (User Generated Content) which they get on social media by their brand followers. Like product service review, complaint, feedback, brand analysis, knowing about competitors, and much more. This all data is important for the company to take their further step in business. But getting all these data from social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter are a tough task. You can’t get these data manually. But BotGuruz is...

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How Data Scraping Technology Boosts the Restaurant Business?

Like every business, Restaurant business is also facing the competitor’s battlefield. To get success in the restaurant business you have to stand on your toe to satisfy the taste of your customer. Many restaurants are open nowadays but most of them are discarded by the customer due to their services and most importantly taste of food. In this business, you have to provide a better taste, service, and the most important talk to your customer about your menu. In another word, You must make a website for your restaurant through which your customer can give you feedback and lot...

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Web Bots to Boost Your Business

There is a plenty of data that a business has to go through. In every business different type of projects come up from time to time. For that, you may do a lot of searching looking for random information. But when you have to pull specific data from a different website. At that time manual web search will be a time-consuming and prone to human error, and some important information could be overlooked. But using bots, we can save manpower required to extract data. This allows you to put more time to actually and analyze the data, putting it...

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