Author: Komal

5 Phenomenal Web Data Extraction Practices that Boost Up Your Business in 2017

Why getting information about any product is much easy these days? It’s because of websites. Nowadays, websites have been the central part of the technological world. And at the rate by which websites are growing is just phenomenal. Getting data of your company and competitor’s information would help your organization in a great way. No doubt, it is high-tech and the ultra-competitive business world and to run your business successfully, you need to collect all the information about the industry. Well, you all must have understood that the web data extraction is important but how can you boost your...

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How Web Scraping can Generate Sales Leads for your Business?

Web extraction or web scraping is a technology which is a commonly used by startups, big and small companies. If I have to define its importance then I would like to say, it is an automation technique to extract the unorganized web data into the manageable format. It is just a process of collecting information automatically from the World Wide Web. The initial stage of any selling process is popularly known as “lead generation”. There are different lead generation techniques which are being used by companies around the world. With web scraping, you can easily get access to multiple...

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How Web Scraping can Detect Weak Strains on your Business?

You guys must be aware of the word “piracy”. The digitalized word is also in the zone of piracy now. Business has always termed with experts for analyzing the market, process, and industry trends to keep their graph rising up but scraping can steal their all hidden data. We have heard term “Web Scraping” but do you know the exact meaning of this term and why should any businesses care for it? It is an act of taking content from a website with the intent of using it for other business purposes and that can give you the idea...

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