In this modern age of technology, Chatbot is the hottest technology which is used for the different purposes in the field of business. ChatBots are used as the foreground within marketing and digital news.

If you are not familiar with ChatBots, Put simply ChatBots are the form of a computer program that has been created to replicate and facilitate effective conversation to increase easy conversation with people.

Over the past few months in the year 2016. Its growth rate is increased. Most of the brands are looking towards ChatBots.

Through this article, I will let you know how and where to use ChatBots in your Business. So that you can get more benefit in your business using ChatBots. Using ChatBots in the right place of the business will help you to generate more revenue.

Mobile Messaging is the Place to be

In past few years, approx 2.5 billion people are using the messaging apps all around the world. The number which is estimated is still growing. More and more people are purchasing smartphones and access the mobile web. Due to which messaging app is to be the best medium to connect your business with your customer.

For example Facebook Messenger, Which is now having 1 billion active users on their messaging app. This new form of integration suggests different businesses build and launch custom ChatBots through messaging platforms. In messaging app platform, using ChatBots will help you to increase the rate of buying product and will quickly resolve the customer issue.

Expanded Customers Services

ChatBots are used for the customer’s solution. Businesses can launch ChatBots across various messaging apps to act as a FAQ repository. The user can send their question or commands through messaging apps. And which will be solved by the ChatBots according to the pre-determined solutions based on keywords. If the user is not satisfied with the solution given by ChatBots. Then ChatBots refer their command and question to human customer services.

ChatBots can be used to deploy customer feedback surveys at the bigger scale.

Using as Personal Search Bar

As a user when you are visiting any online marketing website. And you get item or product exactly what you want is a great feeling for any users. But if you have to search your product in all categories made on the website is frustrating to work.

So in the place of searching you can use ChatBots as a personal search. Where the ChatBots will ask the particular question and users can get product according to their requirement. This will save the time of Customer and will increase traffic on your website.

Using Yellow Pages

Today world is connected through fastest and easiest way of connection that is through the messaging medium. So you can take advantage of this medium. By launching the branded account page across the all messaging app. Where you can use ChatBots as a receptionist.allowing their audiences and customers to search for relevant contact information and immediately engage in a conversation with a company.


Today artificial intelligence is growing in the form of the chatbots. Which increase the growth rate of every type of business. Using ChatBots for your business helps you to reduce your cost for the labor and helps you to make connection faster with the customers. Using ChatBots In the right place will increase the rate of growth of your business.