Month: November 2016

How can Businesses use Web Scraping in different Ways?

Web Scraping is the term which is commonly known as screen scraping or web data extraction or web harvesting. This is the term which in demand in today’s era, this technology is appreciated by the startups, big and small companies. In simple terms, we can say that it is the process of extracting the unorganized data and placing it in a manageable format. The place where data is extracted and placed in the local file of your system. We can say in technical language that the process of collecting information automatically from the www that is World Wide Web....

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Web Bots to Boost Your Business

There is a plenty of data that a business has to go through. In every business different type of projects come up from time to time. For that, you may do a lot of searching looking for random information. But when you have to pull specific data from a different website. At that time manual web search will be a time-consuming and prone to human error, and some important information could be overlooked. But using bots, we can save manpower required to extract data. This allows you to put more time to actually and analyze the data, putting it...

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How Web Scraping can Generate Sales Leads for your Business?

Web extraction or web scraping is a technology which is a commonly used by startups, big and small companies. If I have to define its importance then I would like to say, it is an automation technique to extract the unorganized web data into the manageable format. It is just a process of collecting information automatically from the World Wide Web. The initial stage of any selling process is popularly known as “lead generation”. There are different lead generation techniques which are being used by companies around the world. With web scraping, you can easily get access to multiple...

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How Web Scraping Can Be Beneficial To Your Businesses?

Are you aware of the term “web scraping”? Wondering how can it help your businesses? With every year passing by the online business and marketing scenario seems to intensify at a larger rate. And as the competence of the marketing world grows, organizations go out looking for newer and advanced techniques to strengthen their strategies maintain relevancy. One such way that has proven to be effective in these circumstances is web scraping. This term commonly refers to extraction of web-based data either manually or with the help of some automation software. A Simplified Illustration About Web Scraping: So by...

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