Month: October 2016

4 Things Businesses Need to Know About ChatBots

In this modern age of technology, Chatbot is the hottest technology which is used for the different purposes in the field of business. ChatBots are used as the foreground within marketing and digital news. If you are not familiar with ChatBots, Put simply ChatBots are the form of a computer program that has been created to replicate and facilitate effective conversation to increase easy conversation with people. Over the past few months in the year 2016. Its growth rate is increased. Most of the brands are looking towards ChatBots. Through this article, I will let you know how and...

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What are the Things One should Know About Web Scraping?

Botguruz has given a great concept of Scraping. It is providing you the platform to scrape data from the web with its Web Scraper solutions. So let’s just peep into the quick review of the definition of Web Scraping. Well, it is the technique of using bots to extract a large amount of data from a website which is saved to a database in the spreadsheet format. You might have heard about screen scraping, it is used to copy only the pixels displayed on the screen whereas web scraping extracts the underlying HTML code and with that the data...

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