Month: September 2016

How can you use Botguruz Services for Business?

Botguruz is associated with Web Automation, Crawlers, Spiders, etc. It is also used to maintain world class web bots which can also automate everything that a normal web browser can. You are also able to make custom search engine solutions. Let’s move on to the services. Following are services you are provided with. SERVICES   • Data Integration So before starting let’s know what Data Integration is. It is the combination of both business and technical processes which is used to combine data from the source to the valuable destination information. It is also important for the coalescing system...

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How Web Scraping can Detect Weak Strains on your Business?

You guys must be aware of the word “piracy”. The digitalized word is also in the zone of piracy now. Business has always termed with experts for analyzing the market, process, and industry trends to keep their graph rising up but scraping can steal their all hidden data. We have heard term “Web Scraping” but do you know the exact meaning of this term and why should any businesses care for it? It is an act of taking content from a website with the intent of using it for other business purposes and that can give you the idea...

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