Month: August 2016

How Web Scraping Helps you to Detect Loophole in Your Business?

Today Business intelligence is known term for all business people. A business person always keeps experts to analyzing of a business process. Due to the upgradation in technology now we have big data and the tool to gather all data related to business. Web Scraping has become more faithful. Nowadays serving in the field of marketing Business intelligence become very important. That’s the region most of the businesses depend on web scraping solutions to gather different data related to businesses. These data are very important to take a crucial decision in your business. web scraping is really a game...

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How Botguruz can Help Entrepreneurs to Set-Up Their Business?

Initially, when an entrepreneur starts their business they need at least few accurate lead so that they can target those audiences and turn them into a customer. So how will you get those leads? Are you going to visit door-to-door and collect leads? Do you have so much time to waste just to collect leads and target for your business? What if we give a smart tool to you with which you can scrap all the details of customer for a particular business that too from a reputed and successful brand. Yes, you read right, actually, we have a...

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How to Make Pertinent Marketing Strategies using Backpage Scraper?

Backpage is a classified ad site where you can post your business ads and get more customers for your product or service. It is a platform which is suitable for marketing of your product and generates huge sales. Due to Backpage website, all businesses can publish their ads in one platform easily. You will get huge profit if you provide your ads on this site because this site is working in the worldwide and it helps your ad to get viewed by every people living in any place of the world. From this, you must be aware that you...

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