Month: November 2015

One Platform: A Tool to Scrape Hotels Data & Reviews

A tool for scraping hotels listing and customers’ reviews information from top 5 hotel booking website—,,, and Hotels Reviews Scraper tools– “One Platform” let you scrape the list of hotels information along with their customer reviews from online hotels directory or booking site. A fully customized solution suiting with your hotels and booking business requirements. One Platform Features: One Platform is a hotel review scraper which lets you explore & discover whole hotels listing along with the ratings and reviews given by their customers. Looking for the reviews and ratings for the hotels of...

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Why Do Businesses Need Data Scraping Tools?

Today, the popularity of web technology is growing continuously, so there’s a good amount of knowledge processing information which can serve as gold if utilized in a structured way. Each of us knows the significance of data. It’s really become a helpful commodity and most popular after products for companies. With prevalent rivalry in companies, there’s definitely a need to try for better performances and results. Taking this into consideration, web data extraction is now an inescapable part of companies because it’s exceptionally beneficial in obtaining important information that’s precise and correct. Earlier the data scraping procedure comprised of...

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WhitePages Scraper for Business and People Listing

WhitePages: Before the invention of Internet, whenever any person wanted to get an address or phone number for any business or person, he used to take the phone directory and look for the required information. Back then, “Googling” entailed of obtaining the appropriate category in the phone book and searching for the matches. When was the last time you really had a look in the phone directory to get someone’s contact number or address? For people below 40, the Internet has already took the place of phone directory with people search. But, often the listings are not always updated...

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